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Utility Management

Scalable Utility Management Solutions

Want to save money on utility bills while optimising energy consumption and benefiting from the guidance of a trusted advisor in utilities? We pride ourselves on being the utilities management company that does all this and more. In fact, our brand is so powerful that our clients attract more tenants by promoting that the utilities are managed by Meter Boys.

From industrial parks to commercial property and shopping centres, saving money and resources are critical business goals. Meter Boys Utility Management gives you accurate information and advice on your utilities, from energy to water and waste. Our expertise and service implementation is what you need to reduce utility costs, improve efficiency, lower expenses and enhance your reputation.

We don’t wait for things to change, we provide the change by pushing the boundaries of what is possible every day.

If you or company have an utilities account that is in arrears we will be able to handle, make arrangements and manage your account with the utilities provider to allow the account to be settled over a set period of time. This inline with our primary objectives to streamline the solutions to be in your favour.

Meter Boys recognise the urgency and demand for prime service delivery within the utility management industry, we’re talking about a genuine commitment to identifying needs and getting the job done right. Since inception, we have set precedence in our trade through accurate decision making and by executing practices that in turn make utilities effortless for our clients.

Our primary focus is the management of utility, billing and recoveries through scalable solutions for you:



Utility Account Audit

Meter Boys Utility Management has provided leading utility analysis and utility auditing services for over 10 years. All account information is analysed and checked for errors. Any errors are documented and taken up with the supplier by us. All utility information is analysed to the client via our web utility client.

You will also receive monthly financial and technical reports dedicated to the management process.

Financial Report: This report details the historical financial utility consumption for electricity, water, rates and taxes, sanitation, and refuse. This report will display the impact of electrical tariff increases on utility consumption. This will provide the financial or costing centre with an educated look at their utility consumption and allow them to take action if necessary. Additionally, payment advices based on historical information for the 5 sub-utility charges will be available for interim payments.

Technical Report: This report details the historical utility consumption of electricity (kWh | kVA) and water (KL). For our clients, the technical information would form the basis of the greenhouse emissions report and will enable technical divisions to realise their impact on consumption. Additionally, information for trending/benchmarking will be available on the relevant utilities.

Utility Check Metering Services

It has become more and more important to go beyond account auditing and to have check metering installed. Check metering forms the basis for any Measurement and Verification process (M&V). Whether we need to motivate a dispute with the supplier or verify energy optimisation initiatives, M&V forms the cornerstone of all investigations.

We install a certified water & electrical (MIU) meter in line with the suppliers meter and compare the readings. We are yet to find one instance where this doesn't pay for itself, time and time again.

For this service, we audit your utility account from the supplier. All financial and technical information is logged and benchmarked. Comparisons to previous months consumption patterns are reported on to give a high level overview of your utility. Any irregularities are logged as escalations and pursued vigorously with the supplier on behalf of our client.

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Arrear Billing Solutions for Council / Municipality Bills

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