Meter Boys offer state of the art, all-in-one solution for all kind of property owners. Striving to work hand in hand with all parties to reduce monthly utility bills by delivering one of a kind service and products.

Our Prepaid metering products will allow property owners to take back the control on the monthly spend by utilizing the prepaid functionality.

All this interlinks with the Meter Boys management programme solution to ensure transparency in control when it comes to the local council / municipality / Eskom billing process. The Meter Boys prepaid meter does “not” replace the current meter but works together in the solution to provide more control when it comes to the billing processes from council’s / municipalities / Eskom with dedicated prepaid or time of use functionality.

Meter Boys can also fully manage each client’s municipal bill with full auditing processes, accurate consumption's and correct billing strategies to ensure each property owners municipal bill are correct and transparent. (When making use of our unique billing management service solution)!

With a state of the art vending solution the prepaid tokens used for recharge of water & electricity meters will be available (24/7 - 365) on a national basis including on all virtual vending platform.

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With new partnerships formed and with dedicated product development we at “Meter Boys” can now provide each client the freedom to move to prepaid via our dedicated prepaid solutions.

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Join the revolution by saving on utilities cost - get your prepaid freedom today..

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Are you behind with your monthly municipal / council bills? Not in a position to pay back the amounts owned to keep your lights on.

Discuss with us today and let us manage your municipal / council bills and make payment arrangements to suit your needs…

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