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Prepaid Water Meters

The Meter Boys Prepaid water meters are designed to cater for all possible conditions to assist the property owners to be in full control of their monthly water consumption. The pre-paid water meters are capable of being programmed to release restricted amounts of water per day (as well as topping up with water credit tokens from the virtual vending systems online). You can choose to use the programmable features in the meter, or control strictly as a prepaid meter i.e. they have water flowing until their credit runs out and they must again be toped-up with a token.

Should you wish to re-programme the property meters it would need to be done by Meter Boys, the standard programming futures as a straight forward prepaid water meter works perfectly fine for every property owner to deliver on the expectations as required.

The core of the prepaid meters are the same meters that have been installed at the municipalities for many years, however the prepaid component is a new feature that has recently been added.

This makes the Meter Boys prepaid mater ideal to partner together with the standard property water meter in the ground.

Vending of prepaid water tokens for recharge of water takes place on the same prepaid back end as for prepaid electricity and with this the freedom to recharge prepaid water tokens become a reality and will be available 24/7 to all property owners.



Say NO to sliding scale billing by Municipalities, disputes on Monthly water bills, monthly meter reading discrepancies and so much more… Our water prepaid meters in line with our prepaid management process is the ideal solution for any property owner, landlord and tenant alike. The prepaid water meter system by Meter Boys will hand the control back to the property owners with full control over the amount of water being used vs the amount of funds being spend.

The Meter Boys Prepayment water meters are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards and are compliant with all legislation and SABS standards of South Africa.

The innovative prepayment water system works on the local and international vending process for water and electricity that will allow the property owners the freedom to purchase credits for the installed prepayment water meter at any given time 24/7 via various vending outlets across South Africa and online.


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