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As part of the full management service within the utility scope we offer meter reading (AMR) services for property owners, building owners, estates, managing agents and body corporate's.

Say good bye to sliding scale billing by Municipalities, disputes on monthly water bills as the meter management services entails collection of consumption and status data from property water meters and transfer such data to a central database for billing and analysis. We offer various cost effective and simplified meter reading options.

Our meter reading services enables you as property owner to be billed more accurately and on time. Our meter audit services ensure that all consumers are billed using correct meter consumption data as collected from the actual property water meter. The correct meter reading combined with correct customer information ascertained during the meter readings and monthly auditing of meters, results in increased control and protection against over billing by Municipalities and eliminates the sliding scales billing process due to non-meter reading submitted on the Municipal system by Municipal officials and service providers.

With the Meter Boys management processes in place, we are able to provide and submit accurate property consumption data to allow municipalities to bill according to the submitted property meter readings. We believe that having a holistic approach to the challenges that face the utility sector, will result in sustainable success for all stakeholders involved and allow Meter Boys to work very closely with all parties to ensure success within the process.


Water Meter Readings

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